Networking Conference “StartUp AsiaBerlin”

Networking Conference “StartUp AsiaBerlin”

On the 19th October, the Senate Department of Economics, Technology and Research of Berlin, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce organised a Networking Conference “StartUp AsiaBerlin” at Shangri-La Hotel in Bangalore.

The Conference, a part of a roadshow held in Berlin, Bangalore, Manila and Jakarta whose purpose was to enable a transnational exchange and create a networking platform for start-ups so that they have an easy start into business life and can participate in the global markets faster. Since only a broad network of global contacts makes the promotion of the start-ups possible, it was nice to see that a wide audience took part in the event, including representatives from the start-up scene, from economy, universities and government. The conference was also attended by the students of the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) giving them a networking opportunity and an insight into real business life.

“StartUp AsiaBerlin” started with the opening speech by Ms. Audrey Dzousa, director of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, introducing the German consul general Ms. Margit Hellwig-Bötte, government representative Mr. Rajeev Chandrashekar and the head of the unit for International Cooperation (including European affairs, external economic policy and development cooperation) in the State of Berlin’s Ministry for Economic Affairs, Mr. Rainer Seidel.

After each of them have given an insight in their businesses and future projects and explained the concept of “StartUp AsiaBerlin”, the first panel session of three started highlighting the different start-up ecosystems in India, Germany, Philippines and Indonesia. Among other things the panel participants spoke about the following aspects: the existing ecosystem for start-ups in the four countries and what improvements would make a difference. At the end of the session the audience could ask their questions.

About one o’clock the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangalore provided a sumptuous lunch of authentic Indo – European food. Fortified, we went on with the second panel discussing strategic partnership as an access to the global market with Mr. Sudhakar Gande (member of FICCI National Executive Committee) speaking on how industry bodies have become a key instrument in a Start-up Ecosystem.

With the third session the panel talked about how to globalise start-ups, how the developed and emerging markets could co-operate for success in a start-up ecosystem and whether culture cut does across strategies.

In particular the event excelled with its rounds of discussions interacting with the audience all the time. Numerous audience were involved asking questions and exchanging their experiences. Many representatives of start-ups spoke about their business concepts and asked for advice on how to continue with their ideas. Summarising, the Networking Conference “StartUp AsiaBerlin” was a highly interactive, lively and informative event, which was a great help for all the start-ups and gave the students of IGTC Bangalore a good insight on how to start one’s own business.