Guest Lecture by Rishi Sher Singh

On 15th Dec’16, the students of PGPBA 2015-17 had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Rishi Sher Singh who created awareness among the students about sustaining business. Explaining the business funnel, Mr. Singh emphasized on the lines “Business of the business is to do Business” by Milton Friedman.

He also discussed the stakeholder theory. According to Mr. Singh, sustainability is all about the 3 P’s- Profit, People and Planet. It is a corporate responsibility to respect Human Rights. The students were made aware of how the human rights are exploited by the well-known companies in order to earn more profits. The corporates are least bothered of the effect that it has on the human resource. This usually goes ignored as it cannot be measured as Peter Drucker says: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure “. The businesses can map their supply chain; conduct the self-assessment of Human Rights; Initiate a due diligence process in order to ensure that the Human Rights are not exploited.

It was an interactive session where the students actively participated in the discussion.