Mr. Hubert Reiland

Managing Director

EFD Induction Pvt. Ltd.

India will play an increasing role in the world economy and industry, putting a greater demand for young and dynamic managerial talent.
IGTC’s management education programme adapted from German dual system of education is a unique and new concept in India. EFD has been part of this programme for more than 5 years. IGTC students spend about half the period of management programme as an intern at a selected company in multiple phases. By this they are able to correlate their theoretical knowledge to its practical applications. The learning curve for students is shortened and they are well groomed to take up challenges faster in their career. The students coming to EFD from IGTC have been part of many initiatives such as market research, product launches, exhibitions, information system, process improvements etc., and their contribution is of immense value to EFD. We have observed a remarkable change in students with respect to their communication, attitude, presentation and their ability to integrate with teams by the end of the programme.