Understanding how an integrated financial model is built and used is an essential skill–set for all finance professionals. Whether you are an investment banker, a corporate finance analyst or even an entrepreneur running your own business: this training will help you develop a model skill-set that will help analyze the effects of changes in business assumptions on the overall financial health of your company.

Learning Objective
To create an awareness about the Importance of Financial Modeling as a powerful tool for analysis of company’s Historical Financial Performance and building of realistic projections for the future. The goal of this program is not to educate the participants on how to theoretically think about future growth or margin expansion/contraction, but to provide them with a toolbox with which they can create a framework in Excel that provides them with all the flexibility to sensitize various business assumptions.

Managers and executives in the finance department of manufacturing or service organizations, managers working in the area of corporate restructuring, professionals in financial institutions, entrepreneurs running their own business

Modeling Process, Modeling for decision support, Key attributes of a good Financial Model, Building a fully integrated financial Model which includes

  • Excel basics (model navigation etc)
  • Building template
  • Filling Historical Data
  • Drivers for Income Statement
  • Supporting Schedule 1 – Net Working Capital
  • Supporting Schedule 2- Property, Plant & Equipment
  • Supporting Schedule 3 – Shareholders Equity
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Supporting Schedule 4 – Debt and Interest
  • 16 Key Ratios
  • Simple Valuation (including calculation of Exit Value using sensitivities)
  • Building Cases
  • Fixing Common Excel Errors

At the end of the program participants will be able to –

  • Make the best use of Excel in order to improve their efficiency and accuracy
  • Understand only those Excel attributes that are critical to the model building exercise unlike other programs where participants are taught different functions of Excel and not their holistic use
  • Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical application in the business world
  • Eradicate the myth that financial modeling is difficult and sophisticated
  • Have a ready working model for their office work

Mr. Jeet R.Shah is a M.Com from Mumbai University and Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM). With experience in the field of corporate and personal finance, Mr. Shah also has his own independent practice of Wealth Management in the name of Veer Consultancy Services (www.veerconsultancy.com). He is a visiting faculty at various management colleges and has conducted corporate training sessions for SBI, Mahindra Kotak Securities, Reliance Infra and LIC. Recently he was invited by SEBI’s NISM to take a public education seminar on Wealth Management. Mr. Jeet is also a consultant to Financial Planning Standard Board-India.