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Soft Skills

A two days soft skill workshop was conducted by Mrs. Tejo Turner on 3rd and 6th of August 2018. Her topics not only help in i..read more

Insights Batch 2017-2019

Insight4U Batch 2017-2019

In this section the students of our Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration Batch 2017-2019 will give prospective ..read more

IGTC team along with Manu Saale, Mercedes Benz M.D

IGTC visits Companies

Sumit Sharma (Regional Director of IGCC Bangalore) and Anitha Chandrashekar (Academic Programme Manager of IGTC Banglalore) ..read more

Students presenting their ideas on upscilling and rescilling

Thinking out of the Box

As being able to think in a creative, innovative way is immensely important in the modern working environment, IGTC Bang..read more

IGTC Blr Vikings in action at the FSV Arena

IGTC Bangalore Participates in the 10th IGCC Football Tournament

On the 12th February, students of IGTC Bangalore participated in the Football Tournament organized by the Indo German Chamber..read more

IGTC Bangalore - Chennai Students post the ice-breaker session

IGTC Chennai visits IGTC Bangalore!

On February 11th 2017, few students from the IGTC Chennai visited Bangalore, along with their Director S.Raj and their Progra..read more

IGTC Students along with the dean of the Presidency University - Kamal Ghosh Ray


On 5th November 2016, the School of Management & School of Law organized a seminar on can GST increase competitiveness a..read more


PGPBA Batch 2016-2018 enjoy Ethnic Day at IGTC Bangalore

India is a country rich of different cultures. The culture is everything; like the way of behaving towards others, ideas, cus..read more


Students’ Trekking Tour in Antargange, Kolar

After four weeks of diligent studying, it was time for Bangalore’s PGPBA Freshers to escape the city and congregate for an ..read more


Introduction Day for new PGPBA Batch 2016-2018

Induction Day 1 at IGTC Bangalore of Batch 2016-18 Thursday 4th August 2016 saw the Fresher’s Batch (2016-18) of IGTC stude..read more


Dr. Günter Krüger Award winner enjoys four-week stay in Germany

Every year the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce awards the Dr. Günter Krüger Award for Excellence to the Best Performing Stu..read more

Eduverse- 8th edition of Jnana Degula 2016

This year the Indo-German Training Centre Bangalore participates in Eduverse 2016, the 8th edition of Jnana Degula . Taking..read more

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