Problem Solving and Decision Making are critical competencies for every manager and supervisor across all levels in any organization. The ability to predict, identify and quickly resolve problems arising out of daily operational issues has become important to keep pace with the changing business requirements.

The education system produces left brained individuals. This has resulted in the suppression of the brain’s ability for creative and innovative thinking. The typical standard approach followed by most managers is to carry an “Assumption Kit” and then look for a solution that resolves the problem. Many a time the same problem recurs; however the same assumptions leading to a solution do not work. This situation is the same as the human body getting resistant to the same antibiotic though the virus remains unchanged.


This program will explain what Critical Thinking means and how it will assist managers and supervisors in changing their existing linear thinking approaches to problem solving and decision making.


Managers and Supervisors across levels in the organization, who are decision makers or involved in decision making teams or processes will surely stand to benefit from this program.


1. Program outline :

  • Self evaluation of thinking skills
  • Types of Thinking – data workers, information workers and knowledge workers
  • Psycho Cybernetics – tool to demolish negative thinking
  • Critical analysis and development of critical thinking

2. The program content has a mix of exercises, power point presentations and experience sharing .


At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  • Understand Thinking Styles and Preferences
  • Recognize impact of their thinking style on their own work performance and others
  • Apply a balanced approach between logical thinking and creative thinking for effective decision making
  • Approach problems with a renewed perspective of resolving them with multiple alternatives
  • Identify and implement an Action Plan to stimulate Critical thinking in their workplace.


Mr. Santosh Kumar Nair holds a Masters Degree in Commerce, is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers, an Emergenetics Associate and is an IMC Certified Examiner for the Malcolm Baldridge RBNQ awards.

He has 30 years of domestic and international experience in Banking, Finance, Consulting, Training and Teaching. A 3 time winner of All India Best Branch Manager Award, he quit his banking career to break the family tradition of being an employee and set up his independent consulting business.

Since 1995, he works as an Independent Consultant assisting organizations rethink Strategy, drive Expansion, facilitate Restructuring and Turnaround of Non Performing units.

He conducts unique and effective corporate training programs, which facilitate Organisational Transformation, facilitate Leadership Development and inspire Entrepreneurship. His training content includes a rich blend of theory and practice and has been highly appreciated by Tata Motors, Mahindra, Jindal, and ICAI to name a few clients.

Mr. Santosh Kumar Nair is currently pursuing his doctoral program in “Change Management” and is also a Visiting Faculty at B Schools and speaks at National Seminars.