The program is focused on understanding and learning how to develop and sustain healthy and productive Inter-Personal Relationships characterized by trust, respect, oneness and candor so that working together becomes an opportunity and possibility for growth, thereby leading to professional and personal excellence. Through an experiential learning, filled with interactions, discussions, exercises, games and adventures, it facilitates contribution and expression of individual’s potential, uniqueness, creativity and passion through various stages.

Contents :

Self Awareness leading to awareness of others (behavior patterns and personality styles)

  • Re-discovering, Re-visiting and Re-designing Mental Frameworks (Mindset patterns)
  • Recognizing our own unconscious drivers which perpetuate un-resourceful behavior and replacing them with resourceful patterns
  • Developing Empathy and nurturing deep bonding
  • Creating deep Inner Certainty and Fundamental Trust in self and others.

Stem Brain and Mid Brain Mechanism (NLP Technique to Nurture and Deepen Relationships at an Emotional level)

  • Recognizing that our human nature (Brain Functions) naturally predisposes us to looking good and blaming others.
  • Acquire the tools of distinction based learning which enables us to see with new eyes
  • Seeing beyond your – Judgments, Beliefs, Convictions and your Interpretations – and Managing the “Little Critic”
  • Transforming Relationships from Fear, Blame, Justification, One Upmanship to one of openness, compassion, trust and respect
  • Creating an ability to move from conflict to collaboration thus leading to more satisfying relationships

Effective Inter-Personal Communication

  • Space for open and upfront communication
  • Transform our powers of Speaking and Listening so that they become rigorous tools to develop extraordinary relationships
  • Better understanding of each other in terms of personal values, objectives and strengths

Finally creating an Action Plan to implement and reinforce the above learnings and breakthroughs on an ongoing basis, and developing a system to keep the transformation and growth alive.

Trainer: Ms. Jaya Joshi is a graduate in Psychology with honors. She has been understudy to Khursheed Merchant since 1986. Jaya joined Khursheed Merchant’s Training Company in 1986 as a Director and Co-Coach, and has coached over 5000 people. At the Corporate level her focus has been empowering individuals to keep up with the fast changing commercial environment and inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit, passion and a sense of ownership at their work place. She has worked with leading organizations such as SRF, MICO, Bayer, Nicholas Piramals, Perfetti, Wockhardt amongst others.