A morning with Mr. Krishna

On 20th of July 2017, our PGPBA students got the opportunity to interact with Mr. Krishna, CEO of BlueTree Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. It was an interesting and a motivating lecture. Here, is an article by Avinanda Sood, one of the students mentioning his thoughts on the lecture.

“Usually B2B seminars are a bit boring. But, Mr. Krishna made it interesting by enlightening us with his personal experiences which helped us understand the B2B marketing concept.

He is in his mid-30s and already heads 4 independent companies. Initially we all introduced ourselves to him. He started the lecture by explaining to us what his company does and how he intends to change the world. Marketing scenario in B2B is entirely different from B2C and he explained it very well with real life examples. He told us about his struggles and how he overcame them when he opted to become an entrepreneur after good years of corporate life exposure. The lecture was full of insights.

Our interaction with him was much of a friendly interaction rather than a formal one. He told us about the importance of having a roadmap for one’s career and that one should follow his/her heart. I could feel the motivation in the air which was welcomed by everyone. Mr. Krishna told us about his ideas and how he commercialized them. He strongly believes that there is no perfect age to become an entrepreneur and if one feels so he would help them in following their dreams.”