Distinguished Guest Lecture at IGTC, Bangalore on the “Path to Sales Success”

On the 7th of April 2018, a guest lecture was conducted at the Indo-German Training Center highlighting the topic “Path to Sales Success”. The lecture was organized by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Piyush Shah, Director Business Excellence & Sales Operation of Festo India Private Limited, was the speaker for the day.


Mr. Shah delivered an inspiring lecture on various methods to bring about growth in sales. He also discussed various innovative ideas that were implemented by their team to bring significant growth to Festo India in past few years. IGTC students were highly privileged to hear from a veteran speaker with a vital experience of 28 years in Sales. Aspiring management students at IGTC interacted with Mr. Shah on various concepts regarding current sales scenarios and changing trends in sales. Certain sales person characteristics like “Hunter” and “Farmer” were explained thoroughly by Mr. Shah, which was just one of many highlights of the session. He also addressed various queries of students regarding practices followed in the corporate world.


Mr. Sameera Simha, former alumni of IGTC and currently employed at Festo India, also gave an insight into the corporate world and encouraged students to work on their presentation skills. He also mentioned the good atmosphere at Festo India and how the management team taught him to work efficiently.

The Class Representative, Mr. Amithavikrama A V, thanked Mr. Shah on behalf of all IGTC students for the lecture and for sharing his wisdom. The class also thanked Miss Apoorva Vyas from the IGTC management team for arranging such an inspirational session and the class is already looking forward for more of such.