8th Annual IGCC Football Tournament

On Sunday, 8th February 2015, the 8th edition of the 5-a-sideIGCC Football Tournament took place at the Palace grounds, NRA Ground, Bangalore. With a warm welcome from the main organisers, IGCC, the German Consulate and the German Business Group, the event was poised to be a great success. The 300 odd spectators cheered on the football players who were driven to make a mark. All teams were enthusiastic to win the game. The cheerleaders from Shanti Bhavan added to the festivities and set the mood for the event.

The football ground was teeming with life and the atmosphere was electric. The energy exuded by the players symbolised the sports spirit and the lively crowd added to the fun and festivities. The event would not have been possible without the registration desk and a teamof dedicated volunteers. With a constant vigour, the IGTC student volunteers were seen keeping score, displaying the scoreboards, coordinating matches and making announcements as to where matches were to be played and what the chain of events would be. Nisha Alavandi was kept on her toes the entire day as she had to make announcements about the ongoing matches.

Like every year, the IGTC put up a football team. The young and enthusiastic team was determined to perform and put up a good show after a month’s practice. Most of the players have been playing football for many years having been part of their respective school and college teams. As a team, we planned on making the most use of the counter attack and believed “offense is the best mode of defence.”

The team looked at attacking with a different mindset. This year the IGTC had a secret weapon with them, Anish Rawat who has represented the Indian national team at international venues. Other players were Raghav Shunglu, Rahul Ghosh, Srinath Krishnan, Vikram Magal, Kunal Pradhan, Karthik Anbalagan and Srilalan Venkateswaran. IGTC faced TÜV Rheinland in the first game and the score line at full time was 0-0. The second game was played against Siemens. It was a very exciting game. After being one nil down, IGTC bounced back with an equaliser before the end of the half. However, the high intensity game ended in a thrilling manner with a defensive lapse from IGTC that resulted in two last minute goals by Siemens. In the final match of the group stages, IGTC faced Infineon. With two thunderous drives by Anish Rawat, IGTC emerged victorious with a 2-0 margin. The team performance had been impeccable but had failed to get IGTC through to the semi finals. On a whole, the effort and spirit seen by the IGTC players, supporters, volunteers and cheerleaders was commendable.