Field Trip to BREMER India Engineering Pvt.Ltd.

On 13th April 2016, students of IGTC Bangalore Batch 2015-17 had a field trip to BREMER India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. BREMER India, as a subsidiary of BREMER AG, is a German based company functioning exclusively as an engineering office for the parent company. They are specialized in statics, design and precast element drawing. Thereby, they are mostly engaged with drafting beams, columns, stairs, walls, foundations, slabs and trusses. The visit started with an office tour, in which the organization structure and the way the company works were explained to the students. Students in different groups led by four coordinators were taken through the entire process of the company. Most interesting was the fact that its whole workforce was educated by the management. Further, detailed information about the type of products and the processes they follow were imparted through various presentations by the Director as well as the shareholder of the company, Mr. Dirk. H. Urbanek and other employees. Technical details, the documentation process, the quality, the recruitment procedure, the problems that they face and how they overcome them and many more learnings were, thus, presented to the students. After the presentations there was a question answer session in which the students could clear the doubts in their minds. The sessions were very informative and inspiring. A major take away for the students was ‘quality is a philosophy’; that, they believe in honesty, reliability and team spirit. BREMER India helps in bringing ideas to reality. Having lunch at BREMER granted the possibility to further exchange information and experiences with the employees. All in all, the entire experience with BREMER was really worth the time. It was a great learning experience for the students and they enjoyed the visit immensely.

Aparna Gopalakrishnan& Vishaka Khona Batch 2015-2017