IGCC and EBTC Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 25th Sept, 2013 – The World Trade Center, Bangalore

The morning of 25th Sept 2013, The World Trade Center, Bangalore, saw a gathering of distinguished personalities from various industries. An initiative of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) together with European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) witnessed the Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights. This workshop offered an opportunity to know more about the IPR Capacity Building among Investors in India.

The PGPBA students of 2012 – 14 of the Indo-German Training Centre (IGTC) were given an opportunity to attend the workshop. The students of IGTC also assisted IGCC in various activities like audio visual arrangements, photography and also helping with the official articles.

The seminar started with a short welcome by Mrs. Audrey D’Souza, Regional Director- IGCC. Mrs. D’Souza said that during the year 2012 EBTC through its partners IGCC, Bangalore and the Euro – India Research Centre (EIRC) successfully conducted a survey on IPR among the existing European investors in India to understand the current scenario regarding the use of IPR in India. One of the results of the survey and the brainstorming session thereafter, was the lack of awareness on the modalities to handle IPR related issues in India and also the lack of well trained and knowledgeable human resources both within individual companies as well as outside. Useful and important information was collated and put together in the form of a white paper on IPR.

In the following many eminent speakers from the industry, from reputed law firms and government organisations presented their knowledge on IPR related topics. Expert knowledge, IPR data analaysis and cases were shared with the audience.

The students of IGTC got greatly benefitted by the IGCC/ EBTC Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in getting a deeper insight on opportunities and challenges faced by Indian investors in Germany as well as German investors in India. The complex acts and regulations were explained with live cases and examples which made it much more interesting and thought- provoking for the students. The class was able to connect to the PGPBA curriculum and in turn have a deeper knowledge on the subject. Listening to eminent personalities of the industries, Government and international organization like EBTC and also to interact with them gave the students an opportunity to know more about IPR.