IGTC Chennai visits IGTC Bangalore!

On February 11th 2017, few students from the IGTC Chennai visited Bangalore, along with their Director S.Raj and their Programme Co-Ordinator Vickey Nisanth to participate in the IGCC Football event being held on the Feb 12th.

Using this opportunity the Chennai team also visited the Bangalore branch and interacted with their counter-parts here.

The Chennai team was received at the Eden Park restaurant for a lunch and then everyone proceeded to IGTC for a few ice-breaker activities. The highlight of this meet was a friendly foot-ball match between the Bangalore and Chennai IGTC ians held at Match-Day. The students cheered their players and it was a good warm-up before the actual match, the very next day.

Friendly match in action at Match-Day

This meet got be a great networking session and paved way to build relationships. IGTC Bangalore looks forward to more such events in future!

IGTC Chennai - Bangalore geared up for the friendly match