IGTC Students at the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD)

A treat for the Budding Entrepreneur

It was well and truly a treat for every future entrepreneur. On 24th October 2015, the International School for Management Excellence, Bangalore, played host to The Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD). The programme, a brain child of the entrepreneurship cell of Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur was organized under the leadership of techie Shantanu Arora. IIT Kharagpur (E-Cell) was established in 2006; it is a non-profit student’s organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students throughout India. The panel of eminent speakers boasted some of the well-known names from the leadership world, including Ashok Soota and Vir Kashyap.

The workshop kick started with the commencement address by Mr. Soota, chairman and co-founder, Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., who served in the prime minister’s task force for information technology. He spoke about the platitudes of entrepreneurship, in it, idea generation, strategy, organization building. When talking about organization building, he highlighted how only a “happy team can create a happy customer.”

The mood shifted to an interactive session between Tripat Preet Singh, founder & COO Tagos Design Innovations Pvt. Ltd and Shubhendu Panigraha, co-founder Venturosity. The panel of eminent speakers touched upon some of the crucial factors that any aspiring entrepreneur should take note of such as marketability of the idea, sustainability of the business and various methods of fundraising. The interaction was so powerful in its execution that the ideas immediately connected with the audience and attracted a host of questions. Both speakers agreed that “start-ups are an experiment”. At the end, Mr. Singh mentioned the most effective and ethical “saatvik” methods of conducting any entrepreneurial venture.

Later, Mr. Kashyap, co-founder and CEO Babajobs.com shared his experience and views on entrepreneurship. Insights like choosing your business partner carefully and starting-up at the right time were elaborated by him as he left an everlasting impression on the audience. Mr. Kashyap also spoke about the importance of people in making any venture a success.

In its conclusion a vote of thanks was given by the faculty members at the ISME to the audience who departed with an enlightened horizon and new zeal.

Jaideep Phadke (PGPBA 2015-17)