IGTC students participating in IGCC event ‘Renewables – Made in Germany’

Renewables – Made in Germany

24th November 2015, JW Marriot Hotel Bengaluru

The day is going to end. The event was a success. All the speakers have presented their companies their core business features, competencies and talked on what they are looking for India.
Through IGCC, we 10 students of IGTC got an opportunity to attend this programme “Renewables- Made in Germany”. The day started with eminent people from IGCC, Hubert Reilard, President of IGCC and Audrey D’Souza, Regional Director, IGCC, who spoke on business opportunities in India for renewable energy related firms. Saptak Ghosh from CSSTP, India talked about Indian scenario on renewable energy. At around 10:30 AM the delegates from Germany started their presentations.

One of the eminent speakers from the delegation was Tobias Winter, International Project Finance, who spoke about Indo-German Bilateral cooperation on renewable energy and talked about aiming for bringing down CO2 emissions and increase in renewable energy. Dr. Gunter Hecker talked about financial opportunities and risk mitigation.

Dr. Christine Wörlen, Founder of Arepo Consultants talked about solar installation around the world, discussed on subsidies, policies support in Germany and India. Her topic was one of the most informative, we found among the speeches of all other delegates. She stressed on not relying on policies and subsidies for such projects, because they make our risk higher with every upcoming government and scenarios. Being a scientist, a teacher and a business consultant her presentation was something we management students could also relate to. Frank Hofmann talked about the technical aspects of P-V installation, biogas as a flexible source.

Anshuman Lath from Gram Oorja Solutions Pvt. Ltd. showed his work with a video. It was good to see that some people took great initiative towards electrification in small villages of India.

After lunch the company representatives took the dais to present their companies. From these eight different presentations, we found that a lot of business opportunities are arising in India in the next some years and we as management trainees, for now, should make ourselves ready to grab the opportunities to run the show in this sector. As ‘Renewables are the future’, we aspire to work in renewable as future managers.