Induction of PGPBA Batch 2013-2015

The Morning Induction Session of the Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration was kick-started with presentations, introductions and light hearted humour of the seniors to break the ice and get the show on the road. Even though the new batch, of which I am a part of, was initially ill at ease- we received a warm and hearty welcome and were made to feel at home- a part of the Indo- German Training Centre family.

Ms. Rosa Homburg the Programme Manager and Ms. Audrey D’Souza, the Regional Director addressed the gathering, throwing light on the recent political and economic developments of various countries and the role India and Germany play in contributing to their growth. Their aim was to help us realize the significance and ramifications of the course of study we had embarked upon. We were also given a sense of our responsibilities in terms of our nation’s growth trajectory, keeping in mind the position held by India in the global economy. Ms. Homburg and Ms. D’Souza informed us that by their projections, India’s growth rate in 2025 would be 5.5% as compared to 5.2% in the case of China.

We understood to an extent as to what the next 18 months of our programme would be like in our newly assumed corporate identity. As the growth prospects of the Indian economy were revealed vis-a-vis those of Germany, its most significant trading partner, we began to understand the relevance of our course of studies at IGTC as well as IGTC’s long-standing relationship with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.

We next moved to the introductory exchange with the seniors who spoke of their experiences while highlighting certain incidents that stood out as fond memories from the near past. Following this was a small slide show by three students from the senior batch, mentioning their unique perspectives and reiterating the point that they were there for us if we needed anything at any point of time.

The seniors came up in front and addressed the gathering and then it was our turn. We the torch bearers now, slowly and sheepishly, spoke of the motivational factors and incentives behind our decision to join the course while we hurriedly raced through a brief introduction on our background and educational qualifications, hoping we had left a positive and lasting impression on our teachers-to-be and seniors.

Finally, Ms. Homburg told us she had a surprise for us, but kept the cat in the bag by giving us a brief opportunity to interact with the seniors outside the seminar hall who welcomed us with the names of teachers, where they worked and their plans for the future. It was such a refreshing experience!

Once we returned, we thought the day could not get any better- However we were totally wrong. On returning, we were introduced to the Editor of the Senior Batch, Ms. Gheerdhardhini who spoke of her journey and growth over a period of time as an exceptional writer having written for the different magazines and publications of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. We were glad to find ourselves among an exciting and talented group of peers, happy to be at IGTC and looking forward to making new friends, learning and achieving meaningful growth while making the most of the limited time and resources available to us.