Induction of PGPBA Batch 2014-2016

On Friday, 22nd August 2014, IGTC Bangalore welcomed a new batch of Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration (PGPBA) students for the years 2014-2016. The new batch is a diverse mix of 20 students from various educational backgrounds and experiences and was eagerly looking forward to the day’s events and to begin their journey at IGTC.

Ms. Audrey D’Souza, Regional Director Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and Ms. Rosa Homburg, Academic Programme Manager IGTC, welcomed the new PGPBA Batch along with the other members of the IGTC family. Ms. Audrey D’Souza addressed the gathering and introduced the students to the role played by IGCC in promoting trade and business relations. She also explained the services offered by IGCC for various businesses and its part in building relations between Indian and German cultures. Ms. Rosa Homburg briefed the students about the history of IGTC and the course structure of the 18-month programme.

Next was the turn of students, both junior and senior to participate in introductory exchanges. The new batch students walked up the stage anxiously and gave a brief insight about their background and their incentive to join the course. This was soon followed by the senior batch, which began with a short slide show explained by one of the senior student and consequently by all other students expressing their learning, memories and life at IGTC.

The next session of Induction program was conducted by Mr. Deepak Menon, Managing Partner of SD Associates and an established Management Consultant. Mr. Menon’s lecture was an interactive session with both batches of students, regarding the management job market and certain guidelines of Do’s and Don’ts for managerial students to realize their dreams in the corporate world. Some of the topics which were discussed are – Good Managers versus Bad Managers, Networking, Self-Development, Corporate Communication and habits which are to be built upon and relinquished. Indeed, this session was a revelation to all the students to plan their days ahead at IGTC for improved career prospects and self-development.

Subsequently, both the batch of students sat down for lunch together along with the other members of IGTC. This was a great view to watch as both, seniors and juniors mingled together and shared each other’s perspectives and experiences with zeal. This was undeniably a fantastic start to the relationship that would be nurtured in the days to come by.

The final session of the day was of the fire safety training, which was organized by Ms. Rosa Homburg with the help of Fire Safety Department. The session was crucial as the training dealt with some of the basic know-how that each individual has to know about fire accidents, its avoidance and measures to be taken in case of an accident. During the session, the students also learnt about handling fire extinguishers and helping others during the calamity through role-play and actual demonstrations.

After all the events from morning, the Induction Programme finally came to an end as students from both batches posed for a group picture to make a lasting memory of the event. With personal introductions, interactions among the students, the occasion surely marked the beginning of deep relationships between the new batch and senior batch and also among peer students which would last a lifetime. Undoubtedly, every moment of the day would be cherished for years to come by the students of new PGPBA Batch 2014-2016 and senior students as their journey continues at IGTC, Bangalore.