Induction of PGPBA Batch 2015 – 2017

Induction Day at IGTC Bangalore of Batch 2015-17

On 12th August 2015 – Induction Day at the Indo- German Training Center (IGTC) – the PGPBA batch 2015-17, as we are collectively known as, entered the doors of IGTC, wondering what the future would hold for us. A feeling of mixed emotions prevailed in the atmosphere that morning, each of us from different professions, educational backgrounds and woks of life benched together under one roof. Though we had a fair idea about the course we were taking up, that is, Post-Graduate Program in Business Administration (PGPBA), one question continued to intrigue us all, “Who and what will I be at the end of this course?” And I am happy to say that by the end of the day each and every one of us had clarity, fore- knowledge and every doubt cleared.

The Induction program began with a warm and welcoming ice- breaker that was conducted by our senior batch (2014- 2016) anchored by Meenakshi Kashyap (Lufthansa- Intern) who took us through their eventful journey at IGTC. Every senior student individually introduced themselves and briefed us about their education, profession, hobbies and interning companies. Next, a talk was given by our faculty member Deepak Menon, who teaches Business Communication. Oh, boy! His talk as scintillating and interesting as himself, neither of us moved a muscle till he finished and couldn’t be more excited to know that he will be teaching us the art of effective communication in the days to come. Then to escalate our excitement the introduction round began where all of us individually introduced ourselves to the class wherein, we learnt about each other, where we came from and what we did.

Following this, Rosa Homburg and Anitha C, addressed the class and spoke in detail about the course, its benefits, the agenda, rules and regulations that we were to follow. Their appealing personalities and approachable nature helped us discern that we were in safe hands. They ensured to support, help and guide us through any difficulties or hurdles that we faced in the future.

Then, Audrey D’Souza, Regional Director, Indo- German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) held a speech on the growing development of German companies in India due to which there are numerous job opportunities, about how the course is going to help us bag these wonderful jobs, why it is important to learn the German language as a part of the curriculum and about the various locations where the IGCC is setup.
The Induction program was concluded by serving a sumptuous lunch, where all of us students had the opportunity to personally interact with each other and our senior students. We were highly impressed by how meticulously the lunch was laid.

At the end of the day, we the students of IGTC, batch 2015-2017, couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of such a magnanimous institution and pledged to ourselves that,

Hand in hand we go together,

Hand in hand we are singing along.

Side by side we face the music,

Win or lose we always sing a song.

Wave the flag, we’ll keep it flying,

Till the Sun shines o’er the land.


If the luck is good we’ll always share the cheers,

If the luck is bad, we’ll gladly bear the tears.

Till the day we turn the corner,

We’ll keep on as long as we are hand in hand.

If you keep on smiling at the rainbow,

You will never mind a shower of rain.

Keep your head on the clouds,

Don’t get lost in the crowds.

Following are a few personal experiences shared by some students from the junior batch:

“The induction day was very interesting as it provided the information, guidance and support for our batch which enable us to adjust to a new environment. There were interesting talks by the IGTC management, faculty and senior batch students. The seniors spoke about the student committee, workshops and their advantages”.

– Maria Sebastian, Carl Zeiss India

“The induction program gave us an insight for the upcoming eighteen months of the program. We were told about the Indo- German relationships, the German culture and the IGCC. The seniors were very welcoming and presented a short video clip about Bangalore and things to look forward to in and around the city which was educative to the non- local students. The day ended with talks about importance of communication and personal brand value”.

– Gautam Janakinath, EFD Induction Private Limited

“It was indeed an honor and privilege to be present at the PGPBA 2015- 2017 Induction program. When I entered IGTC, I saw a sea of new faces and took this as an opportunity to interact with the faculty, students and seniors. Members from the IGCC addressed us and gave us an overall view about IGTC. The program was aimed at easing the transition into IGTC as well as facilitating academic and personal success”.

– Rahul Patil, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.

“The induction program was very welcoming and enlightening. Initially I was nervous to interact with others but the induction program helped me overcome that fear. Now, I speak to my counterparts and have gotten to know them well too. Later the session ended with a business communication lecture which gave us insights to basic communication skills”.

– Rachana Singh, Ducker Worlwide

“Meeting and interacting with new people and professors is what excited me. Mrs. Homburg gave a brilliant presentation about the Institute followed by a brief yet precise introduction by the senior batch about themselves. Later, Mrs. Audrey D’Souza gave a brief orientation about the IGCC and got us excited

about the upcoming extra-curricular activities. All in all, I was a witness to a fantastic beginning of what I was sure would be a memorable journey”.

– Jaideep Phadke, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

“I was very excited for the first day of IGTC. As expected it was very interesting with some speeches of Mrs. Homburg, Ms. Anitha, Mrs. D’Souza and some other professors. They gave us precise information about the course, followed by the introduction round of the students. It was very nice to get to know each other. IGTC provided lunch as well. For the very first time being in a corporate atmosphere and entering a new career path, I thoroughly enjoyed the induction program”.

– Shambhavi Purandare, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd.