Language Course in Germany – Gokul Kannan A

Gokul Kannan A was the proud recipient of the Dr. Guenter Krueger Award of the PGPBA Batch 2012-2014 and went to Germany in September 2014 to pursue his language course. His memorable experience is summarised briefly in his own words below:

“Firstly I would like to thank IGTC for giving me the opportunity to study German language (Deutsch) in Germany
(Deutschland). This not only gave me a better platform to learn Deutsch, but also kindled the spirit of learning and being more German.

In March, I was given a list of locations in Germany to choose from for the one month German language course. I chose Freiburg, a calm and peaceful city in the south western part of Germany. This city is very close to the borders of France and Switzerland. Both, the government and residents of this city are very conscious about being environment-friendly, and this adds additional beauty to this small and serene city.

At Goethe Institute, Freiburg I learnt basic Deutsch with students from over 20 countries. We attended classes, did assignments, prepared for tests and exams as one. In brief, we experienced bits and pieces of different cultures. It was a unique experience to have lived with students from numerous countries across the world. I personally consider this one month of my life to be the most precious one and I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

Talking about the German classes at the Institut, they were a perfect mix of learning and fun activities. In addition to the usual daily assignments, we also had exercises that involved interacting with shop-keepers, waiters at restaurants, city workers and general public of Freiburg. There was an instance where few of us were part of a Strassenfest (street festival). On a weekend, the Goethe Institut also arranged a trip to Paris and during free time numerous educational tours, music concerts and other recreational activities were organised.

It is worth mentioning about German Punctuality. I first observed it inside the rooms of the Institut. Every class started and ended at the right time. Extending this to outside class, I also found that all buses and trams arrived at the right time. A simple five minute delay could be seen as a big deviation from the plan. It is simply amazing to see how the Germans keep their time. They are neither early, nor late, but on time every time!
After a month long language course, I was also given an opportunity to visit Bosch production locations in Germany and interact with my German colleagues. This was another unique experience of its own kind which gave me an opportunity to personally meet my German colleagues and global heads of the company. I consider this as a unique experience.”

Gokul Kannan A – Corporate Purchase Department, Bosch Ltd.