Students’ Trekking Tour in Antargange, Kolar

After four weeks of diligent studying, it was time for Bangalore’s PGPBA Freshers to escape the city and congregate for an extracurricular activity in the countryside. For Saturday, 10th of September, the IGTC management designed a trekking trip to Antargange near Kolar, which is situated 55 km east of Bangalore. Programme Coordinator Amrita Gandikota and three German trainees accompanied the students and supervised the trip. The IGTC tour group met at 9am at Kampegowda Bus Station and after a cheerful 90-minute bus ride they reached the city of Kolar.

There, everyone had a second breakfast to brace themselves for a trekking trip in the hot sun. The students were very energetic and enthusiastic about learning and exploring the place. After five kilometres of challenging trekking over rough and smooth, the group had passed a temple, climbed rocks and eventually reached a small town on top of the hills. Exhausted but feeling good about having made it to the top, the students settled down for a break and had sandwiches, cake and classic German Potato Salad.

After everyone was refreshed from the climb, two team work activities were conducted by Amrita.

1. The Queen of Sheba game

In this game two teams had to find special objects around them. The team which competed faster would be declared as a winner. It was a great experience as how the student would develop coordination in the team.

2. The Marshmallow Challenge

In this game four teams were grouped. The task was very complex and creative. Students were given four marshmallows, 20 spaghetti, one thread, and one tape. They had to build a high tower with these materials. The team which built the highest tower in 15 minutes time was declared as winner. There was a lot of creativity generated by students as all of them were thriving to win the competition.

There was challenge at each and every moment during trekking. Some of the students were not able to cope up with the speed of others as they came for trekking for the first time. But they enjoyed the trip as they were motivated by the others. All in all, the group walked about 12-15 km and it was a thrilling experience for all. The students clicked loads of photos as the scenery was very adorable. Soon before dusk the students came back to Kolar and the trip ended on a high note.

It was the first time for IGTC Bangalore to conduct a trekking trip. The students took the opportunity to gather in a new surrounding and get to know each other even better. As the experience and feedback was so positive, field trips like this one will be performed in the first weeks of every Freshers’ Batch in the future. Seems like a new tradition has been launched!