Guest Lecture by Dr. Kaustav Chakravarthy

The IGTC management provided us PGPBA students of the 2016-2018 Batch with the opportunity of interacting with Mr. Kaustav Chakravarthy, who is Head of People and Organizational Capability of Lenovo Group in the Asia Pacific region. As a former IGTC Mumbai alumnus Mr. Kaustav shared some of the wonderful experiences he had with IGTC and the learning outcomes of the PGPBA programme. He provided us with insights from his studying experience as well as working experience as to what corporates expect and what they are looking for in students today, “hence create a goal and set a deadline and start working on it” is what Mr. Kaustav suggested. Furthermore, we learnt how powerful tools like audio books and biographies can be. Also, Mr. Kaustav introduced us to the educational organisation Toastmasters club which many of us had not heard about before and explained how effective Toastmasters is for building up a network with business professionals. Mr. Kaustav demonstrated the importance of being field-specific and sector-specific and what steps should be taken to ensure that you get the desired job. Following this, he stated how the internship period will help us transforming into corporate professionals and highlighted the importance of marketing ourselves to the company in order to land a desired position of our choice rather than going for what’s in store.

Furthermore, Mr. Kaustav outlined the importance being open for change and new information. Therefore it is crucial to educate ourselves outside of IGTC classrooms as well, for instance by the means of getting certificates from Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through online programmes such as or EDX. Thus, such sites and certifications will help in gaining knowledge and building one’s skill sets.

Mr. Kaustav Chakravarthy has inculcated us the feeling of the need to design a structured learning process and set targets for ourselves and how IGTC can help in achieving it. Later on as the session progressed, he had an activity prepared for us, where he divided us into three groups. Each group had to create a product from limited resources before marketing it the other groups, just like an entrepreneur markets his prototype to investors or venture capitalists. This activity had a “learning by doing” effect. As the first step in marketing any product is to understand the needs of the customer and hence if the needs are not understood well enough, new products cannot be launched successfully and will fail eventually. Thus, the activity also taught us how to manage resources effectively and efficiently, how to divide work and coordinate in a team.

On behalf of the entire batch of PGPBA 2016-18, I once again thank Mr. Kaustav Chakravarthy for spending his valuable time with us and providing us insights from his experiences. It was a very informative and intellectual lecture and there were a number of takeaways from the session. I hope we can have more extraordinary sessions like this one in the future.