Guest Lecture by Kaustav Chakravarthy

On Friday, 2nd December Mr. Kaustav Chakravarthy, Regional Director Human Resources, Central Asia Pacific at Lenovo and IGTC Alumni, came to visit the IGTC Bangalore Batch 2015-2017 and gave them some lessons on how to achieve success, both professionally and personally.

‘Ah! The wait was indeed fruitful in the end”. The ‘wait’ was due to the delay in schedule, which of course is justified when you are the Regional Director-Human Resources, Central Asia Pacific at Lenovo. The sheer interest to interact with the current students of the institution you mark the legacy with, speaks a lot about the man, his character and vision. KC (which he requested to be called as) conveyed his message in a most humble, witty and subtle manner. The message was clear that there are no hard rules to work one’s way up the corporate ladder. By referring to his own diverse experience of over 18 years in corporate world, KC emphasized that one should go after their intuition, passion and generate both professional and personal value. He convinced the audience that the traditional theory, ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’ is not valid beyond a certain point in corporate ladder and referring to Dan Pink’s TED talk, KC urged all to strive for Autonomy, Mastery and Sense of Purpose to be able to fit in ever-evolving corporate world. The later session of interaction focused on how an employee is being viewed, evaluated by the organization and finally the topic of work-life balance, parameters involved and how to manage them in order to achieve it.

The guest lecture was ‘fruitful’ as it was inspiring, thought provoking and had more practical approach for one to plan their career path and goals.