Guest Lecture by Rahul Nene

On 7th December 2016 Mr. Rahul Nene visited the IGTC and gave the students from PGPBA Batch 2015-2017 some helpful advises on how to impress during an interview.

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, “what are your strengths and weaknesses”, or even the old “tell me about yourself” are some questions that simply puzzle most people on the receiving side of an interview. In that moment, most of us get confused as to what a company would expect us to say, we all know by then the open-ended questions are the hard ones. Such open-ended questions have too many answers and each answer can indicate a type of job profile; furthermore, without proper insight and guidance, we may not be able to nail it.

Till the 7th of December, everyone had that doubt. Beginning his lecture at 2:05pm, Mr. Rahul Nene put all the slides aside and took an ample amount of time addressing all the questions we had in our minds when we thought of attending an interview. Mr. Nene went about showing us the little tricks in the HR handbook and the reasons as to why one would be questioned such questions, and what different types attitudes interviewers would show while conducting an interview. We thought that the secrets were the end of it, that we had all the information we needed, then Mr. Nene showed how an interview actually goes by describing it as a game plan that became increasingly detailed with the detail of the job profile and responsibilities.

In a span of three hours, Mr. Nene left us nothing but enlightened and prepared for interviews with not only tricks up our sleeves but also a game plan. With a great deal of time spent on feedback and lengthy Q&A sessions, three hours flew by before we knew it and Mr. Nene left a lasting impression, an impression full of knowledge and with all our doubts cleared.

Guruprasath C.