Guest Lecture by Sandip Sen

Best Practices in German Organisations
Guest Lecture at IGTC – Bangalore, held by Sandip Sen

On 29th September 2016, Sandip Sen, a former employee at Lincoln Industrial, was invited to give the PGPBA 2016-2018 batch at IGTC Bangalore a lecture on ‘The Best Practices in German Organisation’.
As the subject implies, the students were given a real-world view of Best Practices within different areas of a German organisation.

The very first lesson was taught even before Mr. Sen has said anything, and that was punctuality.Germans say that “punctuality is the politeness of kings.” They take appointments and meetings as important commitments that should not be changed lightly.

During his talk he explained the various business practices performed in German companies and threw light upon the various areas that German corporate professionals looked at within the organisation. Furthermore, he briefed us on the concepts of German organisational culture and its importance. The concepts cover a wide array of topics, such as Occupational Strategies, Perseverance, Business Etiquettes and differences in Indian and German work culture. Most of them were new to the students and highly useful as the students will intern at German companies in the subsequent month. They were made clear through practical examples, which too, were most of his own experiences at his past workplace and, therefore, the best way to learn about how to work with and in German organisations.

At the end of the lecture the students enthusiastically questioned him regarding the subject, all of which were answered to full satisfaction.

It was a great learning and interactive session for the students, who are looking forward to implementing Best Practices in German organisations.

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