Guest Lecture on Career Guidance held by Jinu Joshua

On 29th January 2016, Jinu Joshua from Deloitte Consulting, expanded the horizon and triggered thinking in the young minds of the PGPBA 2014-16 batch at IGTC Bangalore.

It was a very interactive session where the guest speaker showered them with knowledge and his experience in planning a good career in order to be successful in life. He mentioned that the life is all about a well-planned event and there should be no room for distraction, unless under ones control. He emphasized on the importance of what job to select in the initial career. His advice to the students was for looking at two key things – 1) A growing market which supports the job opportunity and 2) An opportunity that meets your fair compensation expectations. He told ‘stop chasing dollars’, it will come to you if one is content and competent. Being from an investment management background he said, the mistake happens initially in career when one attaches ‘wealth to job’ and goes down with an unsuccessful career. There are many ways to generate wealth, but why should one work? It’s only for the passion which he/she endorses. Two main instruments to crack any interview are – preparedness and awareness. These solve 90% of all the problems during an interview. Getting to know about the interviewer in advance is a benefit, although same may not be recommendable in every situation.

Summarizing his short talk, the students found that the centre of discussion was always them as individuals. All the advice shared can only be assimilated and utilized by an individual. Nobody else can do it. So, if one is up for it to achieve a good career, opportunities will come to the door step. Stepping into the corporate world may not be that easy as said, but Mr. Joshua’s talk instilled the clarity of thought in preparing the students for a successful career.