IGTC batches 2016-2018 and 2017-2019 visit TOYOTA KIRLOSKAR MOTOR PVT. LTD.

written by Mrs. Shefali Naval and Mr. Amithavikrama A V, PGPBA batch 2017-2019

On a bright, breezy afternoon of September 11, 2017, the students of IGTC batches 2016-2018 and 2017-2019 led by our Programme Co-ordinator, Mrs. Amrita Gandikota started to Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM), Bidadi. The 45 minutes travel was mostly an interaction with our seniors on their internship experiences and our own thoughts after the first few weeks at IGTC.

On arrival, we handed our mobile phones over to the security and entered to be greeted by the HR manager Mr. Gopinath K. We were informed to make a two line formation as we boarded onto the Toyota bus that was to take us around the factory site.
We assembled at the centre convention hall where Mr. Gopinath K took us through Toyota’s presence across the world and then onto their strong Indian foothold. We saw the steady growth of Toyota in Indian automotive market through their introduction video, where we were amazed to find out a car can be manufactured in just 1.5 mins at any given time by following its production system pillars of Just-in-Time and Jidoko (Autonomation). The video also revealed how Toyota has been able to sustain decades of leadership with the values they followed i.e., Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR).
Mr. Gopinath K, mentioned how Toyota upheld the philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen), making it a way of life at Toyota.
We learnt that the tradition at Toyota has always been to provide premium quality cars backed with reliable services to their customers. They ensured that the quality meets the international standards while keeping in mind the local sensitivities.
We learnt they always put customers first by responding effectively to their needs, whether in terms of quality, service or the driving experience.
Mr. Gopinath with pride mentioned Toyota always strives towards developing a more sustainable future and being pioneers in the Hybrid Technology is TKM’s first step towards this movement.
We were introduced to the concept of Pull system in the manufacturing cycle, where they were able to produce the required quantity within the supply chain system, and not excess, in a way where being cost productive is a necessity.
He mentioned that in manufacturing, 7 persons comprised a team, and 3 teams had 1 group leader, whereas each person took responsibility for the operation the person performed.
We learnt, at present the plant is producing at a rate of 4.5 minute/car as per current requirement (as against actual rate of the plant 1.5 minute/car). The plant was able to produce more than 100,000 crysta this year. The average age of employees is 28.5 years. The plant has human capital of 6500 dedicated employees.
After the video presentation, we were given a short tea break for 15 minutes while we went through the history of Toyota and Kirloskar and how their values brought them together to become the 4th largest car maker in India today.
After the tea break, we were provided safety helmets and safety shoes. Then, we were taken to the assembly plant, where we were astonished to see huge plants logistics and live operations. We were introduced to designated industrial pedestrian walkways within which we went through to view the manufacturing assembly of their rolling brand model of Etios hatchback and sedan car segment. We witnessed their robust e-Kanban system of handling raw materials as required for their production.
Later we were taken to Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) which imparts world- class skills training to young talents of rural Karnataka. Established by Toyota Kirloskar Motor in 2007 within the premises of Toyota’s manufacturing plant at Bidadi, TTTI provides a dedicated three-year program that focuses on the holistic development of knowledge, skill, body and attitude. We watched the structure that ensures the highest standard of education, the curriculum offers a complete learning experience, along with basic subjects, recreational activities and comprehensive training on automobile assembly, automobile paint, automobile weld and mechatronics. In addition, we learnt how students are given practical training by applying the world renowned ‘Toyota Production Systems’ to the various manufacturing processes at the Toyota plant in Bidadi.
We also witnessed their Training in Welding, Painting, Vehicle Assembly & Mechatronics (Maintenance) Following Toyota’s key methodologies of Safety, Quality, Productivity, Cost, 5S (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke), Poka-Yoke (inadvertent error prevention) Kaizen(continual improvement/ Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle) and Karakuri (simple mechanisms) and Heijunka (levelling).
We were explained that work without fatigue in an industry demands healthy body with Shoulder strength, Abdominal strength, Endurance, Back Strength and Grip Strength which are developed through sports & specific fitness Training methodologies, and this has to be imbibed in our daily schedule.
We also learnt that in an Industry, focused attitude through personality development training helps shape “ Our Attitude”, is the guiding principle of Toyota.

Finally, we were shown how there were checkpoints at intersections in the assembly plant, where we should see in all three directions (to our right, to our left and in front of us, while Saying aloud ‘YOSH! YOSH! YOSH!’) ensuring alertness at all times.
We express our heartfelt thanks to Toyota Kirloskar Motors and IGTC for this privileged opportunity for a great industrial visit.