Students Awarded for Best Presentation in Consumer Buying Behaviour

On the 05th of April 2018, the PGPBA students who performed outstandingly well on their presentations in the subject Consumer Buying Behaviour were awarded by the director of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Sumit Sharma, as well as by the faculty, Mr. B S Prakash, who has been teaching at IGTC for the last 9 years.
In this course, the students learn about consumers’ behaviour in the marketplace and how their decisions are influenced when purchasing a product or a service. Topics covered in the course include e.g., how products’ design and general marketing impact the buying behaviour of consumers or ethical practices of marketing. Thus, the students learn not only about business aspects but also about concepts from social sciences disciplines.
For the projects, the students were divided into 4 teams, each consisting of 4 to 6 students. They were assigned different topics and the presentations were held weekly. Two teams were awarded for their overall group performance and two students for their outstanding individual performance. The first group awarded presented about Online Consumer Behaviour, the second team about Consumerism and Marketing Ethics.
Mrs. Shefali Naval held the second-best presentation about the Consumer Buying Process. Mrs. Gulafshan Parween won the award for the best presentation for her presentation on Online Consumer Behaviour.
IGTC congratulates all students for their achievement!