The IGTC-Family is growing – New Post Graduate batch 2017 – 2019 has started

Induction Week Post Graduate Programme in Business Administration
07 August 2017 – 12 August 2017
written by Mr. Dibyajyoti Saikia, student PGPBA 2017 – 2019

Day I, 07 August 2017
Induction Programme

The Post-Graduate Program for Business Administration for the year 2017-2019 kick-started successfully on 7th August, 2017 at IGTC, Bangalore. The excitement mixed with nervousness was inevitable as one IGTC student after the other from different parts of India entered the institute and it was a day of reckoning for 18 students of the PGPBA Batch 2017-2019, a dedicated family of IGCC and senior students. To many of us, Bangalore was a new city and even the first time outside of our home, but Bangalore being “The Silicon Valley of India” and even “The Garden City of India” still intrigued every one about what new horizons it may present us with.

The Induction Programme began with the Mr. Sumit Sharma, Regional Director IGCC Bangalore welcoming all us freshers to the IGTC Family. He highlighted the importance and uniqueness of this course from the other courses which positively took away the apprehension about the institute’s recognition outside. This was followed by an overwhelming warm welcome by the IGCC family. The presentation was something unexpected with a super-senior Mr. Srilalan Iyer (working at Lufthansa Technik Services India) sharing his experiences with funny quotes about life at IGTC and the way to live it which lightened up the environment as well as our faces. We were now more curious and eager to know about this course as well as to explore the city to its maximum driving away the anxiety and fear of inadaptability among us.

Introduction by Mr. Sumit Sharma Regional Director of IGCC Bangalore.

Subsequently, three senior colleagues gave a warm touch to the session by sharing their insights and personal experiences, namely Mr. Dhanraj Shetty , Mr. Stephen Raj and Mr. Dhairya Jain (all PGPBA batch 2016 – 2018), who were active guides for us in and out of IGTC.

After this, we enjoyed a delightful lunch which all of us relished and especially thank our seniors for the humble service they offered by helping us with it.

This was followed by a brief insight about things that we were about to experience by Ms. Anitha C.; Academic Programme Manager. The day concluded with a detailed introduction to our course programme, emphasized mainly on the course structure and its vitality. Furthermore, she outlined the rules of management culture and gave us precious advice on how to approach our studies to reach success.

Giving a brief insight into the IGTC Bangalore structure, Ms. Anitha C. Academic Programme Manager IGTC Bangalore.

Day II, 8 August 2017
Intercultural Training by Ms. Amrita Gandikota, Programme Co-ordinator

The 2nd day kicked off with the Intercultural Training by our Programme Co-ordinator, Ms. Amrita Gandikota. Firstly, we were asked to introduce ourselves with a brief timeline of events that unfolded before us joining this programme and this activity helped us in getting to know each other. It felt more like an extended family as many of us shared common interests like cooking, reading, travelling, playing etc.

This was followed by a fun filled interaction session with the interns Janis(Germany) and Viraj regarding respective cultural aspects of both nations. It was very informative, shaped our intercultural awareness and helped us know more about German Culture, their interests, history and a bit of their economy. This was important, owing to the many aspirations that we students had, one of which was working in Germany and getting to know their culture. It involved some quizzes and games played in groups which tested the little knowledge that we had about geographical and political Germany. Finally, we played skits in groups depicting various traits followed in the professional environment of an intercultural background which helped us learn a lot.

The students got trained real life situations.

Day III, 9 August 2017
Personal Branding by Mrs. Roopa Kumar

This elegant lady walked into the premises with a charming smile and envious confidence on her face. It immediately gave out charismatic vibes and within no time all of us were totally indulged in the session. She spoke about imbibing values regarding personal ethics and skills that need to be given attention while in an organization. She taught us about how personal branding is a real deal and the way it could help a person crack an interview and about the vital elements that a person should take care of to transform one’s potent. She spoke of the psychological presence of mind through intrinsic study of the human brain and emotions which could culminate in the individual we would eventually become. This not only made us feel confident but also brought out many individual attributes right out in the open. We also learnt about various aspects of delivering a speech and also on how to give an effective feedback.

“Personal Branding for Professional Success” conducted by Mrs. Roopa Anil Kumar.

Day IV, 10 August 2017
Mrs Radika S. Iyer (Training on CV Writing) & Mr Nishanth B (IT for Managers)

The 4th day started off with Mrs Radhika S. Iyer, another dynamic lady who was amidst us and walked us on the route towards mastering the mind and the body. She made us realize the real potent inside us and how to truly carve ourselves into a better leader. She also tried to emphasize on the key elements of writing a job-ready CV and presented us with the scenario of how small and minute elements can take away the chance from getting selected for an interview. Then she focused on individual points and helped us make corrections and make the best out of the strengths, skills and utilize them accordingly.

The 2nd half was the session of “IT for Managers” delivered by Mr Nishanth B. He told us about the crucial role MS Office plays in the corporate world and about the importance to be hands-ready on this platform as a manager. He then taught us how to use MS Excel effectively and walked us through various basics, tools and shortcuts to make each and every operation at one’s finger tips. The session was really informative and practical and we look forward to learn more in the coming sessions.

Day V and VI, 11 August – 12 August 2017
Mrs. Tejo Turner (Training on Soft Skills)

As per the view of most of us, this was the best interactive session that many of us had in recent times.

The day started with everyone putting an adjective in front of their names, it was really delightful to see how this amazing lady moved every single person in the room along with her into a rich yet deep voyage of our lives. In no time, all of us were glued to her, mesmerized by her vocabulary and the way she went about things.

Her talks enriched our minds of various of subjects right from personality development to emotional intelligence with real life examples, stories, anecdotes and jokes. She taught us the etiquettes including table manners and interaction initiation methods. Many of us opened up about our own lives and experiences which was kind of really deep. She made us look into our own lives’ past, present and future through a different perspective which was quite enlightening for many of us.

We also were engaged in some strategic and logic games which tested our analytical skills, emotional quotient to a certain limit. There was a mock interview in store for a few of us wherein she explained the criticalities involved when appearing for one. She also taught us the importance of having an effective conversation by engaging us with different activities and also perfected our “Cha Cha Clap”.

We also came up with a group anthem for ourselves. It goes like this:

“IGTC…………………………………..We stand together,
IGTC…………………………………..We learn together,
IGTC…………………………………..Bringing cultures together,
IGTC…………………………………..Reaching heights together! ”

“Soft Skill Training by Mrs. Tejo Turner.

She also shared videos of real life personalities that made it big even during adversities which did nothing but only inspired us to be brave. Here are few lines from this beautiful song by Kenny Rogers named ‘The Gambler’ that she shared and which had a deep meaning about one’s life, associated with it.

If you’re gonna play the game, boy
You gotta learn to play it right

You’ve got to know when to hold them
Know when to fold them
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money
When you’re sitting at the table
There’ll be time enough for counting
When the dealing is done

Every gambler knows
That the secret to surviving
Is knowing what to throw away
And knowing what to keep
‘Cause every hand’s a winner
And every hand’s a loser
And the best that you can hope for is to die
In your sleep

She made us realize that it is the person himself/herself within whom the power rests whether to take actions the right way or the later. As the end of the day came nearer she motivated us, wished us a whole lot of success. As the session ended, everyone was having a sense of positivity, a new way of looking into situations and a feeling of never backing down is what she left us with.

At the end of the day, we the students of IGTC, batch 2017-2019, couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to be amazed with what’s coming next.