Weekend trip to Chickmagalur

From the 3rd to 4th of June, the current PGPBA Batch together with the IGTC staff organised a weekend trip to the Chickmagalur hill station, situated at the Western part of Karnataka.
Two days full of nature, adventures and fun awaited the group there. One highlight of the trip was definitely the visit of the Jhari Waterfalls. Climbing up the steep slope, standing on the highest platform of the falls and feel the ice-cold water rushing down on the body gave everyone a thrill in the group.
Beside this the students and staff went for trekking in the beautiful green hills of Pandaravalli and searched for wild animals in the national park. The campfire at the resort with Bollywood music, roasted paneer, Masala chicken and German Stockbrot complimented the trip.
The conclusion of the group was clear: simply an amazing trip which has to be repeated soon!