Intercultural Training – Infineon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Focussing on the German cultural aspects, the Indo-German Training Center (IGTC) organised a one-day intercultural training programme on 13th September 2017, for employees from Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., facilitated and conducted by Ms. Amrita Gandikota at the Infineon Campus at the M.G. Road.

Intercultural competence is no longer seen as a soft skill but is now a required skill of anyone wishing to work internationally. A lack of cultural sensitivity can lead to lost business, a failed assignment, poor client relationships, staff attrition and ultimately wasted time and investment. The Indian and the German culture are both rich in tradition, own values and rules. In many things similar and at the same time different. As all aspects of business, including relationship building and problem-solving, are impacted by culture. For that reason Cross-Cultural Training has become a standard component in the management and development strategies of many leading organizations. Understanding different cultural interactions and business styles enhances team cohesiveness and effectiveness across all corporate functions from sales to procurement, technology, and support services. Most of the global active companies know this and have already started programs that help their employees build the intercultural skills they need. Within the year 2017, this was already the second intercultural training session for employees from Infineon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The day started with an introduction of Germany and basic elements of the German culture. It was clear from the beginning that everybody wanted to use this opportunity to gain more knowledge and to learn how to avoid potential intercultural conflicts in the future.

Furthermore, a wide range of topics were discussed, including a critical comparison of Indian and German work ethic and business values, communication etiquette and how to lead cross-cultural business meetings and negotiations, beginning on an superficial level and going deep into details. Quizzes, discussions and a case study, gave the training an interactive, practical orientated character giving the awareness how to avoid potential intercultural conflicts and how to finally bridge the gap between the two cultures.

The willingness, from all the 17 employees, to learn how to predict and prevent conflicts by developing intercultural competencies was pushing and great to see. We are looking forward, facilitating more intercultural events to bring the German culture closer to other companies.

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