Intercultural Training Programme at Lufthansa Technik Services India Pvt. Ltd.

In July 2015, IGTC organised a one day Indo-German Intercultural Training Programme at Lufthansa Technik Services India Pvt. Ltd., which was conducted by Rosa Homburg, Academic Programme Manager, IGTC.p

Nine employees from different departments in Lufthansa Technik attended the programme. Some of them already had been to Germany and some had scheduled business trips within near future to Germany and hence were eager to learn more about the country and the German culture. Everyone wanted to know how to bridge the gap between the Indian and German culture. An interactive day with activities, quizzes and exercises awaited them.

Before telling about facts and figures, the participants’ creativity was sparked when asking them to introduce themselves by drawing their own individual flag.

The training started with an introduction of Germany and basic commonalities as well as differences of the German and Indian work culture. Various other intercultural aspects, such as communication and meetings, together with facts and information about the daily life in Germany were discussed.

All together amusement, astonishment and keen interest were shown by the participants and everybody wanted to use this opportunity to learn how to avoid potential intercultural conflicts in their future business life.
The most important aim of the training programme was to create awareness and understanding of the two different cultures in order to prepare for intercultural job situations in the future.

All participants were awarded a certificate by the Indo-German Training Centre which was handed over by Hilde Pilkuhn-Alizadeh, CEO, Lufthansa Technik Services India Pvt. Ltd.