Intercultural Training Programme at Sartorius Stedim India Pvt. Ltd.

As the world today, especially the working world is a global one it is necessary to be aware of the intercultural differences that exist. That’s why intercultural Trainings are a boon for those who work in a cross cultural environment.
Sartorius Stedim has been one such organization that has understood the importance of intercultural conflict management. Having two batches trained last year, a final batch of Sartorius participated in the interactive two-day training, on 16th and 17th of March, facilitated by Ms. Amrita Gandikota, Programme Coordinator at IGTC.


Being a global bio-tech company based out of Goettingen, Germany, it is crucial for its employees in India to understand the business practices, the culture and history of Germany. Especially because most of the attendees had scheduled business trips to Germany in the near future and the participants were open-minded to learn how to bridge the gap between the two cultures.
The program was filled with inquisitive questions, relatable examples and nerve-tickling yet insightful role-plays. The session opened with an open discussion of what “culture” meant to every participant followed by ice-breaker activities. Afterwards, a wide range of topics was discussed, including facts and figures about Germany, a comparison of both Indian and German work culture and business values, as well as thoughts to be kept in mind during business meetings and when communicating with Germans.
The participants enjoyed open conversations with the interns Linda Schwarz and Eva Semmler and created an environment rich cultural exchange. On the second day, all the participants along with the trainer and the interns had a sumptuous lunch at Citrus discussing Cricket, Football and typical German Cuisine.
Both the days of the training received quite a positive feed-back from the participants. As said by the participants, the training helped them to predict and prevent conflicts by developing intercultural competencies.