Second Intercultural Training Programme at Guhring India Pvt. Ltd.

On Saturday, 23rd August 2014 IGTC organised a second one day Indo-German Intercultural Training Programme at Guhring India Pvt. Ltd. which was conducted by Ms Rosa Homburg, Academic Programme Manager, IGTC. 24 employees attended the programme and Mr. Puneet Kapoor, Management Director, Guhring India Pvt. Ltd., participated as observer. The employees represented different departments, such as Finance, Administration and HR. Since the company’s headquarter is based in Germany and has subsidiaries in many different countries, the training aimed at helping participants to understand aspects of the German culture and to bridge the gap between the different cultures.

The day started with an introduction of Germany and basic elements of the German culture. Various other intercultural aspects, such as communication, meetings and negotiation were also discussed. Many participants who interact frequently with Germany shared their experience and knowledge. Everybody wanted to use this opportunity to gain more knowledge and to learn how to avoid potential intercultural conflicts in the future.

As the day progressed the participants energetically participated in the many training activities. The individual and group exercises, which also included a role play, gave an insight into the German way of doing business. The most important aim of the training programme was to create awareness and understanding of the two different cultures in order to prepare the participants for intercultural job situations in the future. The training was very well received and the participants truly imbibed the two cultures. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and creativity in the role plays which helped to make it a memorable experience for everybody.

All participants were awarded a certificate by the Indo-German Training Centre which was handed over by Mr Puneet Kapoor and Ms Rosa Homburg.

“It was a truly enriching experience to conduct two training programmes for almost 50 employees at Guhring India Pvt. Ltd.” said Ms Homburg.

Mr Kapoor appreciated the organisation of the training and expressed that the “training programme was carefully planned to fill the gaps which normally come between communication and interaction of two different cultures, also the group activities and roll plays conducted were designed well, which brought in much required understanding of the two cultures.”