Management Development Program (MDP) – Leadership and change management

On 19th of July 2017, IGTC Bangalore organised a one-day Management Development Programme (MDP) on “Leadership and Change Management”. Given the accelerating pace of transformation with organizations, professionals, at key junctures in their careers, need to develop strong leadership skills and become agents of change. The skills provided in this program, focused to equip the participants to anticipate the future trends, implement changes required, and sustain the momentum of their initiatives to advance their cause.

This program was conceived, conducted and facilitated by Dr. Mysore Ambashankar who provided participants with an insight into the making of a Leader supported by Case Scenario and HBS Case Studies. The participants belonged to various organisations including Mercedes-Benz, Naavinya CAD, Wiener Berger, Wuerth Electronik, Micronel Global Engineers, and Leuze electronic Pvt. Ltd.

The lectures were interactive and the participants were actively involved which resulted in getting them the maximum benefit. The participants were provided with appetizing lunch and snacks. At the end, all participants received a certificate.