MDP in Finance for Non-Finance Managers

On 19th and 20th September 2015, IGTC organized a two day workshop in Finance for Non-Finance Managers. Six companies nominated eight employees to take part in this programme, such as Krones India Pvt. Ltd., Starrag India Pvt. Ltd., Infineon Technologies Pvt. Ltd., EQS Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd., GRG Fine Foods Pvt. Ltd. and Leuze Electroncs Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rishiraj Dasgupta, an eminent faculty of IGTC taught the 16 hour programme. The workshop covered basic areas of financial management which helps managers and future managers to understand the fundamentals of financial statements and ratios. Amongst the topics discussed were sources of capital, financial statements and capital budgeting decisions.

The lectures were interactive and the participants were actively involved which resulted in getting them the maximum benefit from the programme. At the end of the programme all participants received a participation certificate, handed over by Mr. Rishiraj Dasgupta.