Mr. Mahesh Gupta

Managing Director

EFD Induction Pvt. Ltd.

EFD Induction is a medium-sized induction heating company with 200+ employees. We have been having students from IGTC as interns for more than 8 years and have also employed few after course completion. This is one of unique management program, where students spend almost 50% of training period in sponsored organization and can correlate class room learning of management concepts. During internship, students were part of team activities such as promotional events, stock audits or they had individual improvement projects in HR, Finance, Marketing, Project management, Customer service, Quality, Purchase etc.,
After each internship period, students assemble for next academic session and share case history, business strategies of different organizations. This enables them to gain an insight into DNA of different organizations and understand their recipes for success.
I acknowledge that, “Understanding of theory, Practical knowledge and Dynamism” position these students to adapt faster into an organization and create better value.
We also identify our upcoming managers, who can benefit from management training and sponsor them for Executive business management program at IGTC.