Objective: Given India’s and Germany’s more than 50-year business history, interacting with German professionals is not rare. Intercultural awareness is therefore a must for today’s successful Indian professional. This workshop addresses the intercultural needs of Indian professionals working for a German company, with German colleagues in India, counterparts in Germany or visitors to Germany who want to stay ahead by using cultural differences to their advantage.

The objectives of this workshop are to deconstruct common stereotypes about Germany and to provide the participants with an intercultural framework of dos and don’ts that they can use in a variety of business settings with professionals from Germany. Concepts and German norms and business etiquette will be demonstrated through role play and games, requiring the participants’ interaction throughout the workshop. Handouts will be provided so that the learned material can be revised whenever needed. Workshop participants do not require any knowledge of the German language.

Session Details:

Fact and Fiction about Germany (Tools: short film, quiz about Germany)
An introduction to German business history, Germany’s success stories, Demystifying common myths and stereotypes

Social Etiquette in Germany (Tools: short film about Indian versus German behavior)
How do people meet and greet each other in Germany? How do they accept or reject an invitation and how do they give gifts? What is considered on time? What are common topics of conversation?

German Business Etiquette
How formal is the German office setting? How hierarchical are German offices? What is expected from German employees in terms of punctuality, project management and independent versus team work? What is the right phone and email etiquette? What is expected when giving a presentation? How do Germans balance work and life?

Do’s and Don’ts for Conducting Business with Germany Successfully
Common pitfalls, cultural differences and similarities between Indians and Germans

Evaluation, Question and Answer session
Role plays to absorb and apply the learned material, evaluation of the learned material, questions

Trainer: Ms. Simone Preuss is an independent media professional who works as an intercultural trainer, interactive teacher, translator and writer. She received her master’s degree in German Literature from Bamberg University in Germany and took part in a one-year study exchange with the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, USA. Before coming to Mumbai in 2005, Ms. Preuss worked for various publishers in New York City. She has been responsible for conducting the German Club in Columbia, South Carolina and has a long standing teaching experience in German language and online German lessons. Ms. Preuss is the recipient of 5 Suite101 Editor’s Choice Awards to date and is also the Feature Writer for Book Publishing Suite 101. She has published articles in Hindustan Times, Times of India, Indo-German Economy, German News, Association of Scholarly Publishers and others. She is the Author of Buchmarkt im Wandel [The Ever-changing Book Market], Stuttgart: Metzler 1999. After having lived, studied and worked in diverse countries as Germany, the United States and India, Ms. Preuss has realized the importance and benefit of cultural adaptability and basic intercultural training. Therefore, she has dedicated herself to improving intercultural communication, so that anyone can use cultural diversity to their advantage.