Intercultural Training – Krones India Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore

Intercultural Training – Krones India Pvt. Ltd. – Bangalore

On 10th November 2017 Krones India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore participated in a one day
intercultural training program. The training was facilitated by Ms Amrita Gandikota at the Indo German Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of lines for filling beverages in plastic and glass bottles or beverage cans Krones is global player influenced with multinational workers.

Being based around the globe offers great opportunities and advantages. However, this goes hand in hand with intercultural challenges each organisation has to deal with. Being aware of this difficulties, Krones recognizes the value of an intercultural training and helps their employments strengthen intercultural skills.
The attending group had already many experiences with colleagues from Germany to share
and since two attendants were German, they had experiences with Indians colleagues.

This interesting mixture of different experiences and cultures was the fundament of a day full of role plays and knowledge about cultural differences.

The most important aim of the training programme was to create awareness and
understanding of the two different cultures in order to prepare for intercultural job
situations in the future. The training was very well received and the participants showed a lot of enthusiasm and initiative.

At the end of the training the participants learned how to bridge the gap between the Indian and German culture.