Thinking out of the Box

As being able to think in a creative, innovative way is immensely important in the modern working environment, IGTC Bangalore organised a Design Thinking Activity on 7th June for its PGPBA Batch 2016 – 2018.
Design Thinking describes basically the process of gathering new ideas in order to find customer oriented solutions to business problems. The capacity of being empathetic and thus understand the patterns of customers plays a major role hereby. Another main aspect of Design Thinking is brainstorming: simply noting down everything that comes into one’s mind without any fear of failure. Furthermore, the brainstorming is supposed to be as active and visual as possible: moving around, drawing, discussing, acting – everything is allowed.
Hence, for the purpose of creating an inspiring atmosphere, the PGPBA students, equipped with chart papers, pens and other materials, met all at Cubbon Park area for the brief workshop. Programme Co-ordinator Amrita Gandikota guided the activity and prepared case studies regarding the issue of a high unemployment rate. In this case the employers were assumed to be the “customers” and accordingly the jobseekers had to work out how best to match their needs.

Initially, the students – divided into three groups – had to make out what is the main reason of people not getting hired or not getting ahead in their careers. Next step was to find as much as possible potential solutions for these people. Finally, the groups should narrow and filter all these solutions thoroughly to some key ideas and present them to the others.

The batch came up with many creative ideas, suggestions and discussions around the topic. The overall problem, depicted in the case studies, consisted in unemployability of the persons. Reskilling and upskilling were the two major key words of the student groups when it comes to find a way out of this complication. This can be achieved for example through online-courses, weekend-seminars, and training programmes.